Project Description

Optimem 360 – Software for Telecome Franchise – Software for Jazz Franchise – Software for Telenor Franchise – Software for UFone Franchise – Software for Zong Franchise

Optimem 360 is the future for Telecom Franchise Industry, as it is the complete solution to your problems. It is designed with modern-day technologies in mind. Which are capable of supporting Windows 10 it will also be compatible with updates and operating systems in the future in the Microsoft line-up. The software is equipped with a modern graphical user interface, which makes it user-friendly interface and easy to understand. This will revolutionize the telecom franchise industry because it meets the requirements of Jazz, Zong, Ufone, Telenor, etc. here are some of the features:

SMS Features (SMS After Sales, Ledger Balance SMS), this will allow you to keep track of what is happening after sale.
Automated Cloud Backup, you will no longer need to perform manual backups in case your machine(computer/laptop) breaks down you will have a backup of everything and you can continue your business as normal.

User-Friendly Interface to maintain Franchise Inventory, RSO/DO Inventory with the complete accounts management system this feature is important as it will allow you to define Shortcodes for every single item in your inventory to your choice for quick access.

More than 55 different reports are generated which means you will have a comprehensive breakdown of your day-to-day business and you will have the opportunity of running your business more efficiently. To view accounts, Sales, Purchase, Issuance, Expenses, Trial Balance, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheets, Accounts Balances, Payables, Receivables and many more functions which will take your business to the next level and you will be able to compete more efficiently with your competitors.

Financial Reports Contains:
Account Ledger
Cash Book this will keep a record of all cash receipts and payments including bank deposits and withdrawals.
Cash Ledger
Day Book you can also keep a record of the day-to-day operations including sales withdrawals payments. So basically you will know what happens every single day in terms of transactions.
Bank Statement this will also keep a record of your bank statements so you can easily to the cash Ledger account ledgers and other ledgers within your business.
Accounts Receivables this will keep a record of the money you have received from clients in details such as the amount who from Andy method which was used to pay it.
Accounts Payables this will keep a record of how much money you have to pay to anyone as a business so you will know how much money you owe to and when it has to be paid by.
Accounts Balances this will show the current balance of your accounts after account receivable on account payable have been dealt with.
Trial Balance Report
Keep track of each and every individual account of your business in one single report equipped with the modern accounting system.

Monthly Expense Chart
(In one report you can track all expenses of your business along with monthly and complete financial year tracking) so you will also have a graphical representation of your business needs you can present to your partners and discuss how the business is doing you can also generate monthly charts yearly charts quarterly charts the choices completely yours.
Balance Sheet the balance sheet will calculate your inventory cash assets and everything else within the business and inform you of your current balance.
Profit & Loss this feature will take all of the above into account and inform you if you are making a profit or loss or even if you are breaking even.